Biometric Access

Every business has a form of access control – be it keys, cards, fobs or swipe cards, or a doorman! Biometric access control allows you to use unique identifying characteristics, such as a fingerprint, to determine whether a person is permitted to enter a building/ area or not. Unlike swipe cards, fobs, keys or pin codes – biometrics check who someone is, rather than what they have and provide an unfalsifiable and secure way to control entry and egress within your site.

Upgrades to biometric access control not only improves security but also gives you a flexible and affordable management tool to determine exactly who can gain entry to your premises, and when.

Mr CCTV provides multiple options when it comes to managing your access control system. Depending on your solution, we can provide either a software or web-based management applications, which your team can use to easily manage your access system. This solution is ideal for small- to mid-sized offices or facilities with consistent schedules and staffing.

Access control can be used under multiple scenarios in different departments, such as improving employee time management or giving input and output permissions according to the employee’s role automatically, making reports that will help you calculate payrolls more easily.  Implement a security control access system and start benefiting.

Access control systems allow you to select who can access your premises, which parts they can access and the times at which access is permitted. We supply access control systems ranging from a single door to organisation-wide flexible and scalable controls. A comprehensive record of who went where and when is a very useful security asset.

Whether you are looking to secure an area of your business, or your automatic gates at home, we can design an access control system to suit your requirements within your budget. Our range of products includes systems for single or multi entrance points as well as dangerous machinery.


Mr CCTV specialise in providing access control systems and supporting hardware and software for companies of all sizes.

Intercom Systems provide simple communication with a visitor to your property and allow remote opening of Access Doors/Electronic Gates or Barriers. They can be supplemented with visual verification where it is difficult to verify who is on the other side of the phone. Wired and wireless solutions are available for single dwelling, multi-tenant Apartment Blocks and everything in-between.

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